Brno Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University
1994 – 1999 Master, English and Czech Departments
1995 Rotary Scholar, Exeter University
Brno Faculty of Law, Masark University
1997 – 2002 Master, Thesis „Legal Aspects of Mergers“
Chicago John Marshall Law School
2000 Exchange Scholar
Ann Arbor University of Michigan Law School
2003 – 2004 Master of Laws (LL.M.)
Fulbright Scholar, Michigan Grotius Fellow
Strassbourg L’Ecole Nationale d’Administration  (National School of Administration)
2009 – 2010 Advance Studies in Economics, Sociology and International Relations
Scholarship of the French Government
Brno Faculty of Law, Masark University
2012 Doctor of Law (JUDr.), Thesis „Judicial Applications of the Margin Squeeze Doctrine“
Prague Faculty of Law, Charles University
2008 – 2012 Doctor (Ph.D.), Thesis „Human Rights Aspects in the Free Movement Case Law of the ECJ“